This page shows all challenges and their respective Best Practices that could not easily be assigned one of the other topics

Index Challenge Best Practice
(65) Technical difficulties [4, p. 94] Use high quality communication software [9, 10]
(66) A lack of trust in the team by the customer by providing a Product Owner [6, p. 200] Use strong arguments for having a Product Owner yourself, who is not provided by the customer [6, p. 200], e.g. technical knowledge
Try to establish a team of Product Owners with the customers’ Product Owner being a member [6, p. 200]
(67) Dependencies on external factors [16, p. 163, 4, p. 93] Create suited visualisations to identify bottlenecks in your process [9, 10]
(68) Only a part of the requested functionality can be delivered by the team due to lack of knowledge [6, p. 201] Testers as well as user interface designers should be introduced to and working within the development team to expand the team’s competences [6, p. 201]
(69) Unreliable estimates [15, p. 12, 16, pp. 162-163, 11, 54, p. 31, 55, p. 22] Commit to fewer User Stories during a Sprint and pull further items if there are free capacities towards the end of the Sprint [15, p. 12]
Order your Backlog by the highest business impact [11]
Use Planning Poker to estimate Story Points with your team [14, 9, 10, 55, p. 22]
Invite stakeholders to estimate Backlog Items together [9, 10]
Frequently update stakeholders on your decisions while estimating [10]
(70) The surrounding company needs to know a cost or time estimate of the product, so a Product Owner estimates tickets in advance and Developers refuse to commit to these tickets [6, p. 200] The development itself should give estimates on ticket complexity [6, p. 200]
Use Planning Poker to estimate Story Points with your team [6, p. 200, 14, 9, 10]
(71) Too much setup time or time consumed by basic tasks that can be automated [13, p. 84] Automate your complete operations work wherever possible [13, p. 84] (e.g. automated builds)
(72) There is no Scrum Master [25, 24:47, 52] Hire a Scrum Master. A Scrum Master is vital to the process [52]