Scrum Knowledge and Scrum Process

This page shows all challenges and their respective Best Practices related to knowledge about Scrum and it's process

Index Challenge Best Practice
(45) Employees possess inadequate or no knowledge of the Scrum process [25, 23:08, 6, p. 200, 15, p. 58, 1, p. 5, 2, p. 2, 7] If the team was established recently, organise training meetings about Scrum for Managers and emphasise the benefits of having key team members understand Scrum fully [6, p. 200]
Coach concerned team members (again) on agile methodologies [15, p. 59]
(46) Scrum does not provide explicit guidelines regarding the architect of a project [41, 42] The architect may act from within the development team [41]
The architect may act as a stakeholder with an advisory role [41]
Treat the architect as a stakeholder [42, 2:40]
Get the architect involved early into the process [42, 2:40]
(47) Design is no explicit part of the Scrum process. There is only little obvious business value in designing the product [43] Design may find its way into Scrum as extra tickets / stories [43]
(48) Neglecting the architecture of software in long running software projects [43] The development team should design their software to minimise technical debt if no architect is present [43]