This page shows all challenges and their respective Best Practices related to testing throughout the Scrum process

Index Challenge Best Practice
(49) Testing is coming short or neglected fully due to short deadlines [6, p. 201, 3, pp. 294-295, 1, p. 5, 2, p. 2] Complete code development a few days prior to the end of the Sprint and test. Tune these few days according to your experience over time [6, p. 201]
Testing should take place within the Sprint [44, p. 200]
“Testing begins long before the testers start writing automated scripts” [3, p. 294]
Use FitNesse or likewise lightweight test suites [14, 3, pp. 294-295]
Testing should begin on the first day within the Sprint and kept going continuously [3, p. 295, 13, p. 84]
Utilise build-and-deploy systems that run automatically [3, p. 295]
(50) Testing by a quality engineer cannot be conducted within the Sprint [15, p. 68] While the development team is working on Sprint N, let the quality engineer simultaneously test all definitions of done appearing in Sprint N-1. [15, p. 69]
Automate your tests using test suites [14, 45]
(51) Testing in a large project tends to be difficult When handling a large Scrum project, it is possible to separate software testing from the Developers [46, p. 98]
Automate your tests using test suites [14, 45]